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Virtual Defensive Driving & DUI Classes

Are you looking for a DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE, that fits YOUR SCHEDULE, with a LIVE ONLINE INSTRUCTOR in the state of Georgia?

Look No Further!

We specialize in online classes with live, virtual, instructors over the “Zoom” app.

Most of our clients choose to use their smart phones, but lap-tops and tablets are a common sight as well!

You can access the class with the internet associated with your phone, or the WIFI in your home, apartment, or office! (Note: all devices need a working camera)

Get in touch with us TODAY, to schedule a life changing course…approved by the state of Georgia!

We offer high-quality Zoom classes that are state approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Upon completion of one of our classes, you will receive your certificate of completion in your email to show that you passed your course. For all of our virtual courses, you will need access to the internet, with a working camera on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to fully participate in the course to receive the certificate. Discover more about our DUI & Defensive Driving classes that we offer and get in touch with us TODAY to get started.

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Defensive Driving

Our Driver's Improvement program consists of a six-hour virtual class for drivers in need of ticket dismissal, point reduction, license reinstatement, fine reduction, or Insurance Premium Discount.

The classes are $95 (price set by the state), and can be taken in one day, or over two nights. It’s designed to be educational and covers defensive driving topics such as: distraction, crash avoidance, driver behavior & awareness, traffic laws, fines, vehicle types, seatbelts, auto maintenance, weather, and other special situations.


Monday – Friday
10 am – 5 pm
Saturday – Sunday
11 am – 6 pm
Wednesday & Thursday
(both nights)
6 pm – 9 pm

DUI Risk Reduction

Course process steps:

Step 1-The needs assessment is a self-survey/questionnaire that helps you understand your relationship with alcohol/drugs and how it impacts your life. (To be completed before class)

Step 2– A 20 hour intervention class over 3 consecutive days

Step 3– A course program work book titled “Prime for Life”

All fees are SET BY THE STATE and MUST be paid in FULL BEFORE class begins!

Total cost: $360

The NEEDS Assessment is the FIRST step in the intervention process. It is a self-administered survey, which is computer-scored and analyzed. The assessment instrument is the NEEDS, which is nationally recognized and is validated for 1 year. The NEEDS assessment helps the student understand his/her level of involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and how it is impacting his/her life. Assessment Fee is $100.00.

The intervention component or 20-hour class is a course that delivers therapeutic education over a 20 hour period. The required curriculum for the Risk Reduction Program is the 'Prime for Life.' The class Fee is $235.00 plus a $25.00 book fee.

  • The assessment MUST be completed no later than the DAY BEFORE class begins. Except with the classes that begin on Friday nights. Those assessments MUST be done at least TWO HOURS BEFORE class begins.
  • ALL fees are set by the state of Georgia and MUST be paid IN FULL BEFORE class begins.
Tuesday: 10am-7pm
Wednesday: 10am-7pm
Thursday: 10am-2pm

Saturday: 10am–7pm
Sunday: 10am–7pm
Monday: 6pm–10pm


Saturday: 10am–7pm
Sunday: 10am–7pm
Monday: 6pm–10pm
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Although we don’t speak Spanish, students are allowed to have an interpreter present sitting next to them during the live, online, virtual class via Zoom.

In addition, there is a Spanish version of the final test!

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